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    Who I’m Reading – Cora Seton

        Today I’ll be deep-throating ~ and not in a good way. I’m being biopsied and blood-tested for Celiac Disease. I don’t expect to be feeling very creative after spending my morning being poked and prodded, so instead, I will read my sneak-peek of The Soldier’s E-mail Order Bride, an upcoming release from USA Today and NY Times bestselling author, Cora Seton. I just finished reading The Cowgirl Ropes a Billionaire, which Cora currently has available as a freebie. While it will stand on its own, I recommend reading the series from the beginning, starting with The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride.    

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    A Little Midnight Delight

    Today’s snippet o’ smut is from the first book in my Dominant Cord series – One Gold Heart.   [blockquote align=center] It was still dark when Finn woke to a hand snaking its way down his torso. He grabbed it before it reached his navel. He reached over and switched on the light. “It’s the middle of the night. What’s going on, love?” “I was thinking about earlier, when I called red.” “Okay, what about it?” “I let that bastard win tonight. He made me scared of sex, and that fear deprived me of an orgasm or three. I don’t want him to have that kind of power over me…

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    A stroll through Amstedam

    We were in Amsterdam a few weeks ago, and I thought I’d share a few photographs from our visit. We had a good wander around the ‘Red-light District’ where we found a shop dedicated to the condom.         We went in to look around and whilst we were there, a group of boys aged between about 14-17 were at the counter making purchases. As they were looking to make their getaway from the rather crowded shop, the sales person handed each of them a measuring tape and a pamphlet, directing them to the Condomerie’s website where they can order made-to-measure condoms.         [kad_youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnEOMRpvs-M”…

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    Procrastination is the Mother of a Blog

    So, I really should be writing Wilson and Hildy’s story right now, but as an easily distracted, world-class procrastinator, here I am starting a blog instead. I’d been thinking about doing it for while, and now that I’ve managed to get my June To Do list whittled down to finishing Wilson and Hildy’s story, and I finally vacuumed – oh man, I sucked up enough dog hair to build another dog or two – I guess I needed come up with something else to distract me. As I get organised, there will be regular weekly features. I’ll be starting with Sadie’s Sunday Snippet o’ Smut, where I’ll invite guest authors…