Procrastination is the Mother of a Blog

So, I really should be writing Wilson and Hildy’s story right now, but as an easily distracted, world-class procrastinator, here I am starting a blog instead. I’d been thinking about doing it for while, and now that I’ve managed to get my June To Do list whittled down to finishing Wilson and Hildy’s story, and I finally vacuumed – oh man, I sucked up enough dog hair to build another dog or two – I guess I needed come up with something else to distract me.

As I get organised, there will be regular weekly features.

I’ll be starting with Sadie’s Sunday Snippet o’ Smut, where I’ll invite guest authors to post their smutty excerpts.
In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a not so smutty snippet of my own from One Gold Heart:

A whole feckin’ week without an orgasm. Mac was feeling needy, and Finn, the bastard, seemed to always know when she was on the verge of taking the edge off. Every time she thought she’d sneak away, he diverted her attention to something else. She was sure she really would go crazy if she didn’t get some relief soon. She finally stopped complaining about it when he warned her he’d make her wait an extra day for every time she brought the subject up. That wasn’t a chance she was willing to take.

To make matters worse, he touched her everywhere except where she really wanted. He would always get so close she thought it would happen, then poof, gone. It was like he had sexual attention deficit disorder.

She’d hoped giving him an orgasm in the shower every night might encourage him to reciprocate, but every time she tried, he stopped her. Then he’d wait until she was finished washing him before giving himself an orgasm and making her rewash his lower body. Fucker.

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