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Love is… Timeless

Love is… donating all the proceeds from the anthology to the literacy charity, Reach out and Read. Faye Hunter is here with the cover and synopsis from her contribution, Hello Treasure, as well as an excerpt from The Complete Castle O Collection.



 Love is… a timeless connection.

Celia Huxley is single and about to turn forty. Depressed and lonely, she wants nothing more than to work some overtime and ignore the rapidly approaching milestone birthday. Everything changes on the eve of her birthday when a mysterious red letter invites her on a romantic adventure.

“Hello Treasure”

The unsigned letter is the first clue of a treasure hunt, but this isn’t any normal treasure hunt, someone has spent a lot of money and time trying to get her attention. New designer clothes, spa visits, posh hotels and luxurious pampering – each clue offers more spoiling than the previous one. As she solves each riddle and follows the clues, the one thing she struggles to solve is the identity of her secret admirer.

But she’s having one hell of a good time as she tries to figure it out.


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Synopsis – The Complete Castle O Collection

Four steamy, sexy swinger stories in one very happy foursome!

The Castle O stories draw back the curtain revealing the truth of what happens in the secretive world of swingers. The stories are about friendship, relationships, trust, empowerment for women, and most of all, love. These are touching stories about what it really means to open your sex life and marriage to others, and enter The Lifestyle.

This collection contains all four books in the Castle O Series – A Tease, Ascent, Masquerade and A Taste. Each story focuses on a different couple but the same much loved characters reappear throughout the series.

A Tease is Alyssa and Walker’s story.

Ascent is Raylen and Jett’s story.

Masquerade is Tracy and Ash’s story.

A Taste is Becca and Josh’s story.

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Love is

A Tease

Alyssa, I believe you remember Roman from earlier this evening?” Alyssa nodded. “I noticed a certain look in your eye and thought perhaps you would enjoy some special time with him. And myself, of course, if you would like me here.” Walker added with a lusty laugh.

Looking back and forth between the two men, one she loved more than anything, the other her fantasy hero, she tried to wrap her head around this reality. That she could actually be with two amazing men at the same time.

Once again she wondered at Walker’s amazing ability to read her mind, but somewhere, under the rush of hormones flooding her body and fogging her brain, there was something nagging her. She tried to catch the thought, but it was hard to focus under the influence of so much need and desire, and the distraction caused by the very yummy eye-candy in front of her.

You’re in charge. If you don’t want to do this, no one’s feelings will be hurt. And what happens will be completely up to you.” Walker turned, closing the door and locking the deadbolt. “We are completely private in here. No one can see what we are doing. What you want to do, and how far you wish to go, will be completely your choice.”

Roman nodded in agreement, and encouragement, at Walker’s words. “Absolutely sweetheart. I am here only to serve in whatever way you wish.”

Walker walked up, placing his finger under her chin so he could look into her eyes. “So, my beautiful. What would you like to do?”

Alyssa looked up at Walker. Shadows made the sharp planes of his face stand out in stark relief, his pale eyes intently focused. Suddenly her chest constricted as the nagging thought took over, blocking out everything else. “But are you sure this okay? I mean, won’t it hurt your feelings or something? I mean it’s kind of cheating.”

Oh, gorgeous,” he said, as he took both her hands in his. “My love for you grows with every single beat of my heart. Just looking at you, knowing you love me back, makes me so damn happy. I am convinced the world must be crazy to give me the chance to love you.”

Walker took a deep breath. “But never, for one second, will I take you or your love for granted. I want you here with me because you love me and want to be at my side. Not because of a sense of duty or, heaven forbid, due to routine.”

But I do love you, so much. I don’t want to jeopardize us.” Alyssa tapped her hand to her heart, then his.

Walker smiled. “Don’t you understand? The greatest gift you can give me is the knowledge that you can be with men like Roman, but it’s me you come home with every single time. Knowing that they are your playthings, something to bring you pleasure, but I am your forever. By choice, a choice that you get to make every single day. I want to be your love by choice, forever.”

You have never been more damn sexy than in this moment. I love you so much.” Alyssa grabbed his shirt, pulling him against her, taking his mouth, devouring him. In that moment she knew with every cell in her body that she wanted to still be kissing this amazing man when she was old and gray.

But right now she had more immediate needs and desires that needed addressing. Desires that had been brought into sharp focus as Walker spoke, giving her the freedom to be herself, to feel and be true without shame or guilt.




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