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    Medical BDSM may not be my kink

    I knew an endoscopy was going to be unpleasant but this was so far off the scale, I couldn’t even pretend it was some kind of BDSM medical scene where I’m wearing an O-ring gag while the very hot doctor feeds a very long cock down my throat. Why is it the doctors are always hot when they are going to see you in your most unattractive and unflattering moments? I’m feeling a fair bit better today after being coddled by Math-geek yesterday. My throat is still very sore, but at least my stomach feels like it can handle more than tea and soup. Now that I’ve finished a beta-read…

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    Who I’m Reading – Cora Seton

        Today I’ll be deep-throating ~ and not in a good way. I’m being biopsied and blood-tested for Celiac Disease. I don’t expect to be feeling very creative after spending my morning being poked and prodded, so instead, I will read my sneak-peek of The Soldier’s E-mail Order Bride, an upcoming release from USA Today and NY Times bestselling author, Cora Seton. I just finished reading The Cowgirl Ropes a Billionaire, which Cora currently has available as a freebie. While it will stand on its own, I recommend reading the series from the beginning, starting with The Cowboy’s E-Mail Order Bride.